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The Cuna de Tierra winery understands the physical setting that emerges as a conceptual inspiration and the connection with its surroundings. The building honors the history and land that have allowed the conception of the various varieties of vines that surround it.


Designed by the architects Ignacio Urquiza Seoane and  Bernardo Quinzaños Oria, from the Center for Architectural Collaboration (CCA). The design process carried out explores the relationship between the development of the wine, the site, the user and the main material in use: the strained tepetate, which effectively completes the needs required in the program.

The project works on the link between the site and the particular needs of the wine production processes, focusing on the material and the structure where it can be contained. When dealing with independent structures.

The winery has been the recipient of different awards, such as:

  • Best industrial project at the Architecture Biennial of Mexico City

  • Icons of Mexican Design by Architectural Digest magazine

  • Silver medal in  XIII Biennial of Mexican Architecture

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